2023 & Successorship: Who Has A Better & Enviable Record Than Tinubu Should Please Turn Up – Osigwe Omo Ikirodah

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It is clear even to the blind that the presidential election is just across the corner with less than 14 months to the battle date everyone is expectant. Who wears the crown? Who becomes Buhari’s successor?
I take Sundays as a day of piety, I consider it holy and speak from the point of TRUISM.
Presidential elections are not like some marriages that a couple crashes into, “Ha she just get belle na I say make I rush the marriage make e no cast… or a community headship where an influential man just comes up overnight and say this is my anointed candidate for the district head.
You must work and plan towards the Presidency, it requires a wide political structure that cuts across the six geo-political zones of the Federation. It necessitates a deep pocket and a huge fanatical following.
To be a man is not a days job, na so e just still be with politics. I was in a gathering today and a close friend of mine raised the issue of Tinubu being an old man and as such should take a back seat for the youth to occupy the presidential seat. He insisted on the youth, while someone else said he should let it go for others.
After hearing them out I asked this pertinent question, please which youth or who else should he leave it for? Or are we going to enter the streets and pick up a random youth or a random politician?
Funny enough they were lost of words and could not utter a word. Odd people everywhere, I took my time to let them know the reality, if with 14 months to the presidential election and the youths still have no choice candidate then it is laughable how they expect to manipulate their way in 14 months.
The worse and pathetic situation is that these people when asked would end up saying they have lost hope in Nigeria. How ironic can that be? You claim to have lost hope in the country and yet you want those that have hope in the country to hand it over to your choice?
Very pitiable that the majority of these people are not even registered voters, very insulting discussing the leadership of the country with someone that does not even have a voters card? How unpatriotic can you be? You have refused to participate in the process and you are looking for a messiah.
I asked them if they think these leaders they are saying should stay off are DOCILE like them and to date, they can’t even explain themselves anymore, so it is more like talking for the sake of talking. You want Nigeria to be good and you deliberately refuse to participate in the process.
Now let me summarize all I said today, amongst the aspirants you know who is better than Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu both economically, streetwise, tolerance, maturity and brainy like Tinubu? Abeg let’s name them and bring them out one by one.
Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Alhaji Sule lamido, Alhaji Tambuwal, Ekiti State Govenror, Kayode Fayemi, his Bauchi counterpart, Alhaji Bala Mohammed , former Senate President Bukola Saraki etc.
If you follow the political arithmetic in PDP it is explicit that no single presidential aspirant has indicated interest from the South.
Then in the APC, we may have the likes of Osinbajo, Aregbesola and Kayode Fayemi. Look at these people mentioned above, they are all proteges of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, so if the students can be good why is their teacher not better?
Lagos is what it is today because of consistency and nothing else, they have been able to follow a well-laid down structure religiously all these years which makes them today the fifth largest economy in Africa.
People just talk because they want to talk, the likely presidential aspirants have all begun consultations and we are witnesses to it. You can’t give what you don’t have, name the youth you propose and let us scrutinize as well.
Some will say is it only PDP and APC we have? Shameless talks, imagine such petty reasoning, someone that has refused to join a political party is asking such dumb questions.
Say your party and don’t be ashamed of it and if it happens you do not have any political party you belong to go and join one and promote it and stop talking senselessly.
Do you want Tinubu who sacrificed his life for democracy to leave it for those who you don’t even know yet? Have you factored in tolerance in governance, or who don’t know maturity and experience matters?
Maybe they think it is to be president and start giving commands without taking the exigencies of governance into consideration. Amongst all these people that would ever come out both imaginary and in reality who is better than Tinubu? Please mention and let us start the comparative analysis.
I think it is high time we start campaigning with facts on our preferred choices for the presidency and stop demonizing those that are strategising already.
Go and read the proverb of the Ten Virgins in Mathew 25, only those that are prepared would see the Bridegroom. You cant even sacrifice your time to be a participant and yet you make the loudest noise.
In the voice of Davido “FEM.” You cant be a non-participant and still be a wailer.
Who the cap fits let them wear it…Name your alternative and stop saying there are many Nigerians out there. Many Nigerians out there are no ASPIRANTS. POLITICS IS LOCAL, DEAL WITH IT. Bush Radio Academy reporting for;
Brooom Nigeria
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Prince Babatunde also called Brooom is a Nigeria born and based writer, a political journalist, political consultant, publisher and a businessman. Almost a decade now, he has been involved in reporting political activities affecting grassroot development's. He has helped to proffers several solutions to improving lives of many Nigerians especially poor people. His group's is presently working on a mission to develop a template programme for a Cleaner Nigeria and more.

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