Why Former Service Chiefs dont Deserve to be Ambassadors: Secret Nigeria Media failed to Investigates

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Before Gov Ortom, took the bold step to sign the Anti-Open Grazing law in Benue state, Fulani Herdsmen on one of their numerous attacks around Benue Communities met a stiff resistance from the people.
The Killer Fulani herdsmen had crossed into Benue state through Nasarawa, during the wee hours of the night. They shot indiscriminately, killed and raised down buildings. This went on for several hours until some Community youths muster up courage to fight back.
They picked up whatever weapon that was at their disposal to fight back. When the Killer Fulani herdsmen saw their resilience, and strength in numbers, they decided to withdraw and run. But these youths gave them a hot chase, in order to finish them off.
They chased them deep into the bushes, and was closing up on them. The youths were hell bent on finishing them off, when something strange happened. Something the press will never report. Just as the Killer Fulani herdsmen ran towards the boundaries of Benue and Nasarawa,
A Nigerian Air Force plane appeared from nowhere to bomb back the Benue youths. Allowing the Fulani Herdsmen to escape into Nasarawa State. Some youths were killed by the bombs of the Nigerian Air Force that night. Some were never found.
When the youths accused Nigerian Air Force of colluding with killer Fulani Herdsmen to attack their Communities, the Air Force under the leadership of Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, who is also a Fulani, claimed to have bombed some pockets of militias from Benue state.🙄 https://t.co/OSzZQ1uHr0
The voices of these youths, were so lonely, no one heard their cries and plea. No one believes their story. No journalist reported it, no one investigated it. The issue died a natural death. And everyone moved on.
When Fulani herdsmen attacked some Communities in Southern Kaduna, the villagers who ran into the bushes to hide for several days, after their village was sacked, testified how they saw Nigerian Air Force planes dropping food supplies, & weapons for the Fulani Killer herdsmen.
The killers remained in their villages for months, without any military action from the military authorities. Despite all the cries from the people. What the evil govt did, was to build more IDP camps, and relocated those affected villagers into it. While the killers stayed put and claim the deserted territories.
The military kept protecting and covering for the killer herdsmen, unabated. They sacked farming communities, killed and destroyed properties of predominantly christian minorities. Yet, not even one was arrested in all their attacks from Benue, Plateau, Kaduna to Taraba etc.
The Killings and colluding went on until in 2018, when The former Minister for Defence, General Theophilus Danjuma exposed the Military, and called on Nigerians to defend themselves. He said, if we depend on the military to Protect us, we will all die.

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His expose didn’t seat well with the Fulani government of @MBuhari. It drew sharp criticism from the government, and the military authorities. But one good thing that followed TY Danjuma’s expose, was the reduction of Fulani herdsmen attacks in his state, Taraba.
After the exposed, Fulani herdsmen suddenly changed name to Bandits. Of which the Federal Govt, & Miyetti Allah distanced themselves from it’s activities, to even knowing them. They are now discribed like the proverbial (Unknown Soldiers)

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The question is, Who are the Bandits?
But the military in the other hand, under the leadership of LT Gen Buratai of the Nigerian Army, Launched face 2 of her military operations in the 6 zones. Where it intensified it’s actions in and around those areas where Killer Fulani herdsmen, are faced with stiff resistance.
One of such places was in Benue State. Where the youths are fighting back the killer herdsmen. And their Warlord GANA, was killing them like flies. It became a cause for worry to the military authorities, and the Fulani interest in government. So they decided to take Gana out. https://t.co/UWfU36ngJS
Those Fulani interest in government, and the military authorities, connived with some Benue sons and daughters, to sell off, and take out one of their own. (GANA) who has continuously been a problem to the killer Fulani herdsmen. He was arrested and murdered in cold blood. https://t.co/kbIiVuOT24
SUNDAY IGBOHO should be very careful. This Fulani government will soon launch it’s kangaroo military operations around the South West. The aim and real intentions of the operation, is to use the military to take out all those who resist Fulani’s in the Southwest. https://t.co/JOfAgp9ksL
And there are willing Yorubas, who will gladly betray Sunday Igboho, for ten pieces of silver, with enough justification. Just as some people did to Gana in Benue State.
For betraying the people of Nigeria, to the point of colluding with Killer Fulani herdsmen to Kill innocent people, the ex-service chiefs, deserve life imprisonment, instead of ambassadorial confirmation. https://t.co/5Dad4ytPfH

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